Strictly speaking, bonds are conveniently classified as Fidelity or Surety Bonds

Fidelity Bonds: Protects your client against dishonesty loss from an act by one of its employees. Common Fidelity Bonds include:

  • Janitorial Service
  • Position or Blanket

Surety bonds can be broken down into three categories:

Court Bonds: A form of insurance that insures one who carries out the will of a deceased person. This may be one who has been appointed by the deceased prior to his or her death or one appointed by the courts. Common Court Bonds include:

  • Executor Bond
  • Administrative Bond
  • Guardianship Bond

Miscellaneous Surety Bonds: A bond mandated by the state or municipality to be required by working people for certain occupations. i.e. Plumbers, excavation & drain layers. The bond guarantees the bearer will comply with the governing laws. Common Miscellaneous Surety Bonds include:

  • Lost Title
  • License & Permit

Construction Bonds:

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds