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With more and more people camping and traveling from one area of the country to another, RV insurance becomes an issue to consider. With the increasing number of types of recreational vehicles, it’s important to know what kind of RV insurance policy is best for you.

RVs come in all shapes and sizes. Motor homes, campers, fifth-wheels, travel trailers, and popup campers are all popular. The type of RV insurance you need will vary with the kind of RV you have. You may not even need RV insurance.

The main difference in what policy coverage you need is between motor homes and campers. If you have a motor home that is drivable, you will definitely need insurance so you can drive it legally. Every state has certain liability minimums that must be carried. Some lenders require additional RV insurance in order to loan you the money for your purchase.

Campers are typically towed behind other vehicles and not driven. Most states make RV insurance on campers optional. Once again, lenders may take a different view and require at least some minimum coverage. If you purchase a new camper, you may want to consider RV insurance for it to protect the investment you made.

When insuring your RV or camper, you might want to think about specialized coverage if you have customized your purchase.

For example, personal effects are not usually covered by RV insurance. Your homeowners’ insurance may cover at least some of them, but you’ll have to pay a deductible.

Any custom equipment you put in your RV may not be covered. There is usually a limit to this kind of coverage unless you pay to increase that limit. With the high cost of customization, you can exceed the limit quickly.

Pet coverage should also be consider in your RV insurance. Typically, the coverage is limited on pets that are involved in your RV in case of accident or the RV being stolen. You may want to think about increasing your pet coverage.

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