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Make Your Home Safer

By February 1, 2019December 15th, 2022No Comments

While it is a good idea to have insurance to protect you from damage or loss in your home, when you make your home safer, you will have less reason to use that insurance. In addition, you will decrease the chances of ever having to go through the headache and heartache associated with the kinds of losses your insurance will cover.

So, here are some ideas on how to make your home safer and reduce your risk of using your insurance.

  1. Start with your front door. You can make your home safer by being sure you have a secure front door. You need to have a solid wood or metal front door. This and a heavy four-screw deadbolt strike plate will make it harder for intruders to kick in your front door.
  2. Use timers. Any time you’re not at home, use timers to turn on lights and televisions to make potential burglars think someone is at home. Burglars plan to hit homes when no one is there. Make your home safer by giving the impression that someone is there.
  3. Check windows and sliding glass doors. It’s fairly easy to open older windows or sliding glass doors by lifting them off track. Make your home safer by putting a dowel or some kind of sturdy pole in the track of sliding glass doors and above older sliding windows.
  4. Use warning signs. No burglar wants to get bitten by a dog. Make your home safer by posting signs warning of dogs present. Most people will take the easy way out and not take a chance when they see these warning signs. There is a potential danger of posting signs warning of your home being protected by a security company when it isn’t. If a burglar breaks in anyway and finds there is no alarm system, he may believe all homes with signs are not really protected. In this way, you could be inadvertently putting others at risk.
  5. Motion sensing lights. Make your home safer by installing motion sensing lights outside. This will discourage anyone from lurking outside to make sure no one’s at home.

Next month, we’ll discuss some more ways you can make your home safer.

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