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Boat Insurance

By November 1, 2018December 15th, 2022No Comments

Buying a boat is a big deal and an expensive proposition. That’s one reason boat insurance is a good thing for you to consider.

When you buy a boat, you’re investing a good bit of money into something. When you put an equal amount of money into buying a car, you don’t hesitate about getting auto insurance to cover it. Why hesitate about boat insurance?

Consider this, in 2016, there were over 4,600 boating accidents resulting in 49 million dollars in damages to recreational boaters. That should cause you to stop and think about boat insurance if you’re one of the millions of boat owners.

One of the coverages in boat insurance is property damage. On average, property damage from boating accidents totaled $10,000. And yours could be more. Plus, you would face the cost of transporting your boat to a repair facility and maybe on to a specialty repair facility. Can you afford $10,000 or more out of your pocket? No? Then get boat insurance.

Many times, boating accidents result in physical injuries as well. Boat insurance can provide coverage for your injuries and maybe lost wages, as well. With the right kind of liability coverage, boat insurance may cover injuries to others that occur on your boat.

Other liability coverage on boat insurance can provide for any accidents that occur that aren’t your fault. Maybe a sudden strong gust of wind pushes you into a moored boat at your marina. This kind of coverage may provide for that kind of accident.

There are always those boaters who don’t have any boat insurance. If you should be involved in an accident with one of those folks, your uninsured boater insurance can help you with the costs involved.

With the right kind of boat insurance, you can be covered even if your boat sinks and is unrecoverable. Total replacement boat insurance can have you back on the water in a short time.

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