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Filing A Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

By August 1, 2018December 15th, 2022No Comments

You’ve paid your homeowner’s insurance premiums faithfully for years, then a windstorm causes serious damage to your roof. What do you do when filing a homeowner’s insurance claim?

One question to ask yourself in the beginning is, should I even file a claim?

One thing you need to know before filing a homeowner’s insurance claim is how much deductible you have. If the amount required to repair your home is less than your deductible, you shouldn’t even file the claim. In fact, some professionals in the insurance industry say don’t file a claim unless the amount needed for repairs is at least three times your deductible.

Another important thing for you to know before filing a homeowner’s insurance claim is that insurance companies keep up with how often you file claims. Many companies will raise your insurance rates with even one claim filed. Others forgive the first claim.

But if you have made several claims in a given period of time or if you even have claims over a longer period of time, some companies won’t insure you. Or if they do, your rates will be really high.

If you decide to go ahead and file a homeowner’s insurance claim, there are some things you need to do.

First, contact your agent. Find out if the incident that occurred is even covered. If it is, ask what the company will need from you. Provide all of whatever the company asks for plus contact information if your home is damaged so badly you can’t live there.

If the loss you’re filing a homeowner’s insurance claim for is due to burglary or some other crime, be sure to contact the police. Your insurance company will certainly want to have a police report if one is made.

Keep copies. Copies of everything you give to your agent or send to the company. Things get lost, and you don’t want your only copy of something the thing that gets lost.

Stay very involved in the entire process after filing a homeowner’s insurance claim. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be available for the adjuster and your agent should there be questions for you.

Take pictures of the damage to your home. Before and after photos are best. These will provide evidence of the amount of damage when filing a homeowner’s insurance claim.

In fact, one of the best things you can do is take pictures of all your possessions. Then write down the value of those possessions. This can make the entire process of filing a homeowner’s insurance claim go a lot smoother.

If you have valuable possessions, such as jewelry or electronics, having receipts for these will be extra helpful. Write down model numbers and serial numbers for expensive electronics.

If there is an accident in your home and someone is injured, this is clearly a time to file a homeowner’s insurance claim. Even if there is no liability on your part, later lawsuits can still happen.

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