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Travel Insurance

By September 1, 2018December 15th, 2022No Comments

Many people love to travel, but how many have travel insurance? How many have even heard of travel insurance?

Most of those who take to the road or to the air to head somewhere other than home, are convinced they won’t take any unnecessary risks, won’t go anywhere dangerous, are in good health, and are only going a short way.

So why would they need travel insurance, anyway?

Mostly because the idea behind travel insurance is to take care of those things that might happen unexpectedly. What if your plane is late and you miss a connecting flight? What if the resort where you had reservations tells you they’ve never heard of you? What if you eat something that gives you food poisoning the first night at your location?

Those are some of the reasons for travel insurance.

There are four basic kinds of this insurance: Medical Evacuation Insurance, Travel Health Insurance, Baggage/Property Insurance, and Trip Cancellation Insurance. There are some other extra types of travel insurance, also.

Some things that won’t be covered by this insurance include: pre-existing medical conditions that aren’t declared, going through high-risk areas, getting into extreme sports, accidents that happen when the holder of the insurance is drunk, not showing proof of ownership or involving police in the case of theft. It would be wise to check with your agent to be certain of any limitations.

Sometimes credit cards will cover some travel events. Many times, there is a time limit the cards will cover or only certain parts of travel that are covered. Again, it would be wise to know what your credit cards will and won’t cover.

If your travel insurance covers baggage, there are two types of this coverage. One is lost or stolen baggage. Many policies will pay for replacement of clothing and other items up to a certain limit.

The other type of baggage coverage is delayed baggage. These policies will typically reimburse you for purchasing essential items due to delayed baggage.

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